Monday, July 6, 2009

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This is a blog for cooks, for people who enjoy cooking, and for anyone who eats or enjoys eating. So basically, everyone. I love finding and trying out new recipes, so over the course of my (albeit short) life, I’ve come across some amazing dishes that have been absolute showstoppers. I want to share those with anyone out there looking for a great recipe. To me, there is nothing more soothing than following a recipe, step by step, and then revealing at the end a delicious dish. And of course, the best part, the eating!! So heres to great dishes that bring people together, insane flavors, butter, unexpected combinations, the perfectly whipped cream, and that awesome feeling you get when you pull something out of the oven and it tastes amazing. I’ll be listing my FAVORITE recipes- show stoppers, crowd pleasers, and to-die-for dishes. Things that make people say ahh and “I’ll just have one more”. Dishes that disappear in minutes, no matter how large they are. If you love to cook, or just love to eat, this is the place for you. Come, discuss, ask, tell, debate, and enjoy. Think of this as a big kitchen table, a big wooden one, with lots of seats, and some steaming good dishes scattered around, with big empty plates for everyone to fill. Take, give, eat your fill- these recipes are yours for the taking. Hopefully you will enjoy them, they will come out well, and I would love for everyone to give their feedback. Was it good, was it bad, was it questionable? Let me know!! I’d love to get feedback about the recipes. Also, if you have a suggestion, tip, or request for a recipe, I would love to hear it. Lets start this dinner table conversation!!! Thanks so much!!!

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